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Apple has announced a great gadget called Apple Vision Pro. However, it is Apple’s first-ever 3D camera. It allows digital content to present in a physical world and looks like goggles. Users can use it with their eyes, hands, or even through voice. And also allow users to interact digitally as they want just as it is present in their space. Apple wanted to introduce a spatial operating system for a long time, now it is finally introduced. One of the most awaited periods of spatial computing has begun.

However, it is going to be one of the most expensive products of Apple. The Apple Vision Pro price is $3499.


For making the digital experience into space we need extraordinary technology. The design is very simple and beautiful Apple Vision Pro. In front, we have cameras and glass panels with metal frames. On the inner side, it comes up with the lens as well as the dial with the speaker system, if you wanted to listen from it you can otherwise you can even connect it to the AirPods as well. And if you wanted to connect to it you have to connect a battery to it which can be carried in a pocket. Apple has tried not to put a battery in the Vision Pro because it will become heavy.

The Cameras and sensors we can observe the environment through a single piece of 3-dimensionally manufactured glass. For making it lightweight, it is an aluminium alloy frame that wraps around our faces. Developed in a manner so that it may precisely suit any type of face. If you are watching some kind of video then your eyes will not be visible to anyone but if you are not then another person can see your eyes properly. This basically mixed the real world with the digital world. Even while watching a movie or anything you are using we can dim the background.

What is new in it?

The keyboard can be used virtually as well as physical keyboard. If you click the photos then it will be in 3d form and if you wanted to see it later then you can see it & unlocked it with your eyes. Two processors are in it one is M2 and the other one is R1. Downward, the true depth and side cameras are there with an IR illuminator and lidar scanner. However, it tracks the room space and accordingly, you are able to listen to audio in it. Apple has also made sure you have your security so that another person is not able to see what you are doing. Apple has also collaborated with Disney to make next-level things like 3d movies, 3d apps & also 3d movies.

New Experience with Spatial Computing

Apple Vision Pro is worn on the face with two display which has a high resolution and also a very small distance from you. We can even see the world around us and our favourite apps just around us in our space. Moreover, we can navigate through our eyes, tap to select, flip to scroll, and use voice to dictate. It is just like magic. These spatial experiences are taking place within Vision Pro because they seem, sound, and feel real.

It’s not like we are not able to notice the people around us. We are easily able to see the individual and they can see you.

Photos and Videos

Photos can be of any size you want, wherever you are sitting it becomes a gallery. Ever things feel like you are just living in the moment. It is a 3D- camera, we can easily capture pics and videos with remarkable depth. We can live that memory like you are right there at the exact moment. Experience can be in three dimensions.

For example, a child wanted to understand any concept of science or any subject they can easily understand through Apple Vision Pro.


We can see the movies in our space by adjusting the size of the display as we want. And it will bring a beautiful glow to the place where you are with a high-standard audio system. Spatial Audio surrounds you and makes you feel like you are part of the action. For a cinematic experience, we can make our screen 100 feet wide.

Apple Vision Pro is the perfect one to play video games. We just have to connect the controller and play on a massive screen with a high-level sound. It makes us feel like we are into the games and enjoy it to the very next level.


If you wanted to work through Apple Vision Pro then you can no matter where you are. You can make your own place to work according to your comfort. When you will browse the internet you feel have a very good feeling and adds a new experience in your life. All your open tabs will be visible to you whenever you want. Every app from the app store and from Apple is present in it. It’s your choice how you wanted to arrange them and work accordingly.


If we talk about the facetime then you will have a great experience of it like someone is sitting just beside you. We can see people’s life-size. And we can collaborate with people more naturally & crack the deals for our business or in your job. We can even connect to our Mac simply by looking at it turning a 13-inch screen into a giant display.

The display can be beyond the dimensions of the room. Like you are on a plane and wanted to watch a movie then you can go with the Apple Vision Pro on which you can see the movie on a large screen in a stunning location.


Apple Vision Pro’s release date is not properly known but it is told that it will be launched next year. It may possibly replace smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets too. It is going to be the best gadget from Apple and is always going to blast into the market. As it is one of the very unique products which will be available in the market.

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