Best Gaming Mouses Under 3000

As a full-time gamer, you should be looking for the best gaming mouse that complements your gaming needs at your best. Sometimes, The gaming mouse can be a reason for loss as well as win when you are in do or die situation. So, I am reviewing the top 3 Best Gaming Mouses under 3000, which will make a difference between loss as well as victory.

All of these gaming mice can be bought at an affordable as well as reasonable price range, you can easily buy these gaming mice to enhance your skills as well as to provide an attractive look to your gaming setup with their sleek as well as minimal design. You can observe all these Best Gaming Mouses Under 3000, which we have mentioned below as well as choose one, that suits your gaming setup.

Razer Viper Mini 

Best Gaming Mouses Under 3000

Razer Viper Mini is one of the most popular gaming mice as well as it comes with many premium features that will help you to get a great gaming experience. The small as well as sleek design of this mouse can be adapted to every size of hand whether it’s small, medium or large.

This gaming mouse is agreeable with Windows 10 as well as Windows 8 to work very smoothly and effortlessly on all major PC and gaming laptops. Razer Viper Mini comes with an ultra-light 61g weight that increases your speed as well as flexibility when you are playing competitive games. Moreover, it prevents the pain that most heavy mouses produce in your hands. The cable of the Razer Viper Mini is flexible with enough durability to provide you with a smooth gaming experience without any issues or interruptions.

Razer Viper Mini comes with the 8500 DPI well-balanced optical sensor which can help you to easily track down as well as aim at your enemies as well as gives you a high-performance gaming experience.  This gaming mouse provides you with many unique colour effects as well as also comes with 16.8 million RGB colours. You can also customize the beautiful lighting of the Razer Viper Mini with Razer synapse 3.


Product NameRazer
Product Dimensions‎11.3 x 5.5 x 3.8 cm; 61 Grams
Polling Rate8000 Hz
Connector TypeUSB Type-A
Item Weight61g

HyperX Pulsefire Core

Best Gaming Mouses Under 3000

HyperX Pulsefire Core is one of the best HyperX gaming mice, which is also known for its great performance as well as ergonomic design. The build quality of this mouse is really solid for entry-level gaming performance. It seems like HyperX made it just as well as a higher-end gaming mouse and that’s a really nice bonus for gamers, who are looking for a budget-friendly as well as an entry-level gaming mouse.

The top shell of this mouse comes with a smooth matte black finish and it’s pretty grippy as well as without any textures on it. Around that, there’s a glossy reflective border that looks nice. Moreover, the sides have a grooved wavy pattern that does a pretty good job of improving the overall grip. This gaming mouse comes in around 90g weight and it is not much heavy, you can easily move it on your desk.

This mouse contains a total of seven programmable buttons and they all provide crisp tactile feedback. The scroll wheel is really grippy, it’s got a nice rubber texture to it as well as it also functions as one of the seven programmable buttons by pressing down on it.

DPI And Speed Tracking

HyperX Pulsefire Core gaming mouse provides Pixart 3327 and 6200 DPI for smooth tracking without any hardware acceleration. It provides you with an optical gaming sensor with a polling rate of a thousand hertz as well as a maximum speed of 220 inches per second. Overall, it’s a good-performing sensor with decent specs and it should be good enough for most gamers. The Pulsefire Core provides a great quality braided cable and that’s also an awesome feature to see at this budget-friendly price range, it’s 1.8 meters long as well as decently flexible cable.

HyperX also included an onboard memory profile so that you can save your settings right to the device and 16.8 million colours with configurable RGB backlighting.   


Product NameHyperX
Product Dimensions‎ 4.7 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches
Polling Rate1000 Hz
Connector TypeUSB 2.0
Item Weight90g

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

Best Gaming Mouses Under 3000

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury is one of the ultra-fast gaming mice, which most professional gamers use in their setup. This gaming mouse provides you with sophisticated sensor technology, which will help you have an enhanced as well as a speed-boosted gaming experience. The high-speed fusion engine and delta zero sensors give you the power for high-speed tracking and also provide speeds as fast as 10 meters per second (420 IPS).

This gaming mouse provides you with onboard memory, in which you can save your customized gaming experience with programmable buttons for high speed and accessibility. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury comes with a comfortable design with lightweight materials and rubber grips. The low-friction feet help you to extend your gaming sessions as long as you can.

This gaming mouse provides you with a 32-bit ARM Processor that powers the fusion engine for high tracking speeds, which will give you a lag-free performance. Logitech updated the G400s shape to an enhanced streamlined comfort to provide you with non-stop gaming sessions for long hours.


Product NameLogitech
Product Dimensions‎ 5.35 x 2.83 x 1.61 inches
Polling Rate1000 Hz
Connector TypeUSB Type-A
Item Weight144g

These were the Best Gaming Mouses Under 3000, that can help you to enhance your gaming skills on the PC. Choose the one mouse from the list according to your needs. Every mouse is amazing in its own way whether we talk about the design or the features.

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