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If you are looking for a good budget gaming chair, I might have found one for you, the Green Soul Monster Gaming Chair is the best option for you as well as this isn’t the old style of the chair either that crushes your back. It’s got a lightweight ergonomic design as well as feels great to sit on. Its heavy-duty metal base as well as PU rotating wheels give an exceptional gaming experience.

Its 90-180 degree adjustable angle backrest gives absolute comfort at your office and in your gaming room. The breathable spandex fabric always stays cool as well as gives comfort all day.

Green Soul Monster Gaming Chair: Information     

  • Brand: Green Soul
  • Colour: Blue, Black, Red
  • Product: 50D x 71W x 133H centimeters dimensions
  • Style: Full Black 
  • Special Feature: Ergonomic design
  • Material: Spandex Fabric
  • Frame Material: Metal
  • Back Style: Solid Back
  • Weight: 23 Kg
  • Model Name: Monster Ultimate Chair 
  • Size: Suitable for height (5ft” to 6ft”)
  • Model No.: GS734U_BlackBlue


This chair gives a multifunctional gaming quality. Whether a gamer is a beginner or a professional, this chair is beyond the expectation as well as ultimate in providing comfort and enhanced features. Green Soul Monster Gaming Chair provides you with a great breathable soft fabric that allows air to flow and gives a chill comfortable seating to your back.

The spandex fabric is used for better air circulation and reduced heat, which makes it more comfortable and breathable. It is a long-term use of a chair and also improves posture automatically. This Green Soul Monster Gaming Chair includes a frog mechanism and heavy metal base which can support weights up to 120 kg.


  • Upholstery material: Spandex Fabric + PU Leather
  • Base: Heavy Duty Metal Base
  • Wheel Size: 60mm Dual Caster Wheels 
  • Foam Type: Seat made of Molded foam 
  • Adjustable backrest: 90-180 degrees.

It provides many outstanding features which allow you to sit for long hours without hurting your back, and you also relax on this chair for long hours. Green Soul Monster Gaming Chair comes with 4-way adjustable armrests.

Its world-class ergonomic design can be reclined up to 180 degrees with adjustable backrests. It upgrades your work and game station with its sleek design and rocking functions.   

Benefits for you:

  • Proper postureGreen Soul Monster Gaming Chair helps you to sit in a proper posture, while you are playing games or doing some work. It helps you to sit continuously for long hours in a proper position. When we sit on this chair it will give us comfort posture which is also very important for our health to sit in the correct posture. Its adjustable armrest, as well as a headrest, gives excellent comfort to your body. Its neck pillow is made from lumbar velour material which provides proper support to your spine and is comfortable for sitting. 
  • Movement and Adjustability: You can easily move in any position without any problem. You can easily adjust the headrest, armrest and backrest according to your preference. It can also be adjusted on its height due to the frog mechanism. This chair is suitable for people with a height of between 5ft. 7 inches to 6ft. 5 inches and also provides lumbar support. 
  • Great for heavy people: Its metal base material is specially used for heavyweight people. So a heavyweight person can also sit comfortably and adjust all the features of this chair according to his/her preference. Green Soul Monster Gaming Chair is particularly designed for a tall and heavyweight person. 
  • Help to sit for long hours: Gaming chairs are really an excellent option for sitting for long hours. This type of chair is made accordingly to gamers because they have to sit for long hours and this chair is best for sitting as it provides comfort and stability. This chair comes with a sleek classic design made up of good-quality foam.

Reasons to buy:

  • Amazing comfort
  • Adjustable 90-180 degree backrest recline
  • Deer and frog mechanism
  • Velour neck and lumbar pillow
  • Stimulates air-flow
  • Comfier and firm seat
  • Soft and breathable fabric
Conclusion and cost

You have read all benefits of this Green Soul Monster Gaming Chair with multi-functions. Now you are curious to know about its pricing. As mentioned above it is a budget-friendly chair and comes at an affordable price. This Green Soul Monster Gaming Chair costs only under 20,000. 

This is a great option for an everlasting gaming experience and this chair is going hard to beat. 

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