iPhone 15

Apple always satisfied its customers with the great launch of features in its latest iPhone series. Now it’s been a long time since the launch of the iPhone 14, it’s time to look at what Apple is bringing to the next iPhone 15. We are even hearing rumours of the iPhone 15 till the iPhone 14 came on the market in September. 

We have detailed information about the leaked rumours about the iPhone 15. It is still many months away from the release iPhone 15 but people are already showing so much excitement for it.

Rumour tells us that Apple is going to keep a significant gap between the new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. iPhone leaks tells us that there will be changes in the display & even camera credentials. If they are launching more features, they must be making them equal to worth the increased price of the phone. 

iPhone 15 Design Leak

When new iPhone launches in the market, our first question is how does this look, right? We will get the same four models iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro & iPhone 15 Max with the same size as iPhone 14. Two models, standard and Pro are going to have 6.1” inches screens, and the other two Plum & Pro Max will have 6.7” inches display sizes. It is exactly the same as the iPhone 14 existing series which has small as well as large phones. 

There is a slight change in the look, the edges of the phone will be round in shape which enhances the grip with a titanium frame. This is going to give a different look to the looks. All the lineup series is going to come with the dynamic island. And at the back, the camera size is going to increase because of better sensor instalment to the phone. Moreover, the titanium frame will be more strong and lightweight too.  

Millions of people are asking, the iPhone will be Portless, lightning, or USB-C. Basically, according to the reports across the entire lineup, we are going to get USB-C connectivity finally on the iPhone. But there is always something special as it’s an iPhone. As we are not going to get standard and restricted USB, as per the report apple is going to include a special chip that will be able to identify official Apple accessories & non-official accessories. It is all because Apple wants to be sure whatever you connect with a cable or charger to your phone is certified and there is no damage to the phone. 


We know the importance of a camera in an iPhone. First, rumours are so common that it is going to upgrade the camera. The pro max is going to come up with the periscope camera setup maybe it is a bigger phone and there is more space in the camera. The periscope camera setup will help to give a wide range of photography experiences as well as better zoom.  But the iPhone 15 camera is going to use a standard zoom. 


The CAD files show that the camera is thicker & is more extended outside the phone. It is a noticeable change in the phone. Rumours also tell that the lens is sticking out even double the iPhone 14 Pro. The size is increasing on the iPhone 15 Pro. 

Although, iPhone 15 Pro Max has a smaller camera only with a periscope camera setup. That means the bump of the iPhone Pro is larger than iPhone Pro Max. Apple is also going to use new sensors, that will make the camera more better and will give a better experience to customers. 

iPhone 15 COLOURS

Every time Apple reveals a new colour people come to know that something new has been introduced to the market. It has some main colour in the market, last year it was purple. This time the colour may be a deep maroon or red ton colour. This colour may be going to replace White, Space Black, and Gold. And it will be the colour of the year of the iPhone 15.

One more change that is going to come up with iPhone 15 Pro models is going to introduce solid-state buttons. This means there will be buttons that will not be pressed but the Apple engine will make you feel that you have pressed the button. Just like in iPhone 7 & 8 where there was a home button that we were not able to press but we feel like we are pressing the button. Exactly the same thing is going to happen in iPhone 15. Moreover, the volume button will also be a single one only there will be no more than two buttons. 

Also, sources are telling about the Mute button, which will be also in the form of a button. With the new titanium feature, the apple is going to achieve something amazing.


Lastly, if we talk about the performance, then there is no doubt about the performance of the phone. As we all know iPhone comes with a full powerhouse where you can achieve all the tasks. In the iPhone 15 lineup, the base variants of the iPhone 15 & iPhone 15 plus are going to come up with the A16 Bionic chip that we have seen in the last iPhone 14 Pro models. And iPhone Pro and Pro Max will come up with A17 Bionic Chip. With this apple is going to move into different levels. 

Should I wait for iPhone 15?

If you want new features and designs, & have a good budget because it will be expensive shopping then definitely you should wait for it. If you can’t wait for 3 months then just go for the iPhone 14, it is not a bad choice. Also, rumours are coming that iPhone 15 may come up with the iPhone Ultra, the top model. But some sources also tells that this idea is shifted to iPhone 16. Let’s see what is gonna happen in the future. 

Wrap Up

The iPhone is putting a step forward to introduce the USB-C, titanium frame & upgrading the camera. Hence, gains in performance and efficiency will take everything to the next grade, and sure will be added to the hits list of the iPhones.

Therefore, the date of release & pricing is still not known or even heard. But if we talk about an idea, then it may be released in the first two weeks of September. Now, the time is not too long, it’s almost 3 months left for the launch of the iPhone 15. Stay tuned with overallgadgets.com for more updates, rumours, or leaks from Apple, till the release. 

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